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Calling All Isabellas! Celebrates Isabella Gardner’s Legacy

On Wednesday, April 20, over 30 Isabellas and their family and friends gathered at the Gardner Museum for the annual Calling All Isabellas! celebration.

Since 2005, the Gardner has set aside a special day each spring to welcome women and girls named Isabella—who receive free admission for life through the Isabellas Free…Forever! program—and to celebrate the many ways in which Isabella Stewart Gardner and the museum she created provide continuing inspiration to many, especially those who recognize a bit of themselves in the founder’s story.

This year, Isabellas and their family and friends picked up special Isabella and Friend of Isabella pins at the front desk and joined fellow Isabellas and other families to enjoy art-making and -looking activities and live music in the museum. In the afternoon, they joined us outside the main entrance to pose for photos in front of the bright pink “Welcome Isabellas!” banner. To see photos from Calling All Isabellas!, click here.

Do you know an Isabella? Sign her up for the Isabellas Free…Forever! program here.

Image: Isabellas at the Gardner Museum, 2011.

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