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Bach's Electric Chords:
Guitar-Pedal Counterpoint for String QuartetMusicKitchen Bach
Thursday, October 7, 2010
6:30 PM
Tapestry Room

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Nicholas Kitchen and the Borromeo String Quartet present a radical new take on J.S. Bach’s magnificent organ music in this dynamic evening of conversation, visuals, and performance. Over the last fifty years, the innovations of electronic sound processing have created a new tone-world, ranging from the instrumental sounds of popular music (think screaming guitars) to the otherworldly sounds we hear regularly in the movies (think haunting sound halo). Just as different pipe shapes create distinct sounds in a pipe organ, slight changes in electronic sound processing result in drastically different tones.

In this unique program, the Borromeo String Quartet calls on modern technology to perform Bach’s organ music as it has never been heard before—translating the complex layered counterpoint into electronic sounds through the use of floorboards that allow each performer to access 128 different sounds with the tap of a pedal. Bach was at the cutting edge of music technology in his day—a performer, composer, and technician working with the wonderfully complex machine that is the pipe organ. Would he embrace our Brave New World of electronic sounds?  Come and decide for yourself! Followed by a wine reception around the courtyard.

Tickets: $23 Adults; $18 Seniors; $15 Members; $10 College Students; $5 Children ages 5-17

Time: 6:30 PM

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